“Then at the end of the road, like a sudden apparition, something out of a half-forgotten dream looms The Ruins. It takes your breath away. And it takes a long time to recover.” – Abe Florendo (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

“Like a lady wooed by her man, the Ruins play with your emotions especially at sunset with its orange pinks and purples hues. He charms, tickles and romances you. But at sundown, the Ruins take a different persona. With blue and golden sights emanating from nooks and crannies, it is now a lady, teasing, flirting, a temptress confident of her beauty as well as her majesty.” – Luci Lizares-Yunque – Sun Star Bacolod


“And most likely you would appreciate the mansion even if it was already reduced to its skeletal frame, or maybe it is its present condition that adds to its character and beauty. That’s the charm of old structures; it invites you to engage in an experience just by being there, getting to know it better through the stories it continues to tell.” – Jay Gallera Malaga – Independent Writer


“They say that you have not seen
Macau if you do not visit the Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral. With the popularity of the Ruins, it is safe to say that you haven’t seen Talisay if you have not been romanced by the Ruins.” – Luci Lizares-Yunque – Sun Star Bacolod